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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I purchase my health insurance from 3DQuotes.com?

3DQuotes.com gives you the information you need to make your health insurance purchasing decisions with confidence. We provide you information all the top-rated health insurance companies. We provide instant individual and group health insurance quotes, an online health insurance application, and an online 24 hour a day e-mail status site.  We give you simple instructions, and competent and qualified staff to respond to your needs over the net or over the phone.

We provide a TOLL FREE telephone number for your convenience ... 1-800-849-0953. It has never been easier to purchase individual or group health insurance. For more information please visit About Us.  Our extraordinary carrier database means more choices for you and you can rest assured that you can purchase for the lowest premiums available.


Health insurance defined

Health insurance is an insurance policy covering a person's medical , hospital, and emergency care according to the terms of the health insurance policy.  It is often offered with a variety of additional benefits.  Health insurance policies generally do not have long term rate guarantees.  The benefits and rates generally vary according to the health insurance policy.  Individual health insurance policies generally covers individuals and their families.  Group health insurance is often provided through an individual's employer.  Individuals and their spouses and children are often covered by health insurance.  .


What kind of health insurance do I need?

3DQuote.com understands that each family has individual health insurance needs. There is no set rule as to what kind of health insurance to buy.  You must consider your own needs and review the available benefits provided for each plan and health insurance company.  You need to decide what kind of health insurance policy you want to provide for your family as well as to fit within your budget.  You have to decide what kind of medical needs you can anticipate for your family situation.  

For businesses group insurance is often chosen based upon a combination of the premium that is affordable for the company and the benefits the company wishes to provide for its employees.  

For many the answer is simply the kind of policy that makes you feel your family is safe.


What is a Rate Guarantee?

A level rate guarantee simply means that your premium will not change for a guaranteed period of time. Generally individual plans do not have a rate guarantee.  Usually the health insurance company re-evaluates its rates every six months to a year.  This varies based upon the health insurance carrier.  


What is the difference between a PPO - HMO - and Indemnity Plan?

Health insurance companies generally offer a variety of health insurance plans and options. A PPO is also known as a Preferred Provider Organization. It is generally a health insurance plan which provides increased benefits when you go to participating panel medical providers. An HMO is also known as a Health Maintenance Organization. It generally requires that the plan member goes to plan providers and pays little or nothing for the visit. Generally visits to no-plan providers are not permitted except in emergencies. An indemnity plan is one which generally permits the plan member to got to any medical provider for covered injuries and illnesses but pays only a percentage oft the medical change. Many plans offer a combinations of the above will varying benefits. Which plan you choose will depend upon your particular needs and interests.


What premium payment options do I have?

3DQuotes.com online quotes are for monthly health insurance premiums. Most health insurance companies offer a variety of plans including health insurance premiums on a check-a-matic (monthly), quarterly, or semi-annual basis.


How long will this take?

The health insurance company cannot begin underwriting your health insurance policy until you have completed and returned your signed application to the health insurance company and they have received your payment.  . Generally it takes three to four weeks to complete this process. If the health insurance company has to get your doctor's records it will generally take 4 to 7 weeks since the health insurance company has to depend upon your doctor's promptness in providing them the records they need.


What about my privacy?

3DQuotes.com is committed to protecting your privacy. You can rest assured that we respect your right to keep information that you provide confidential. The information that we receive from this website will not be not be used for any purpose other than its intended purpose of assisting you in securing the best health insurance policy that is available for you. 



3DQuotes.com provides you direct links to Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, HealthNet, CalFarm, Universal Care, and PacifiCare, for complete and current lists of their respective panel medical and hospital providers.  Bear in mind that these links are serviced directly by the respective insurance companies and as a consequence the dates and times of their routine maintenance are not within our control.  However, if you have any difficulties at all, give us a toll free call, and we will provide you free information, and provider booklets, to help you with your health insurance purchasing decisions.


Can I Download Application From The Web Site?
3DQuotes.com offers health insurance applications that may be downloaded and printed from our web site. These forms are in the PDF format. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these forms. This software is available for FREE from the Adobe Acrobat Web Site. Click the icon below and verify that your version of Acrobat Reader is the most current version available. Please note we do not provide Technical Support for Acrobat Reader Software.  To download insurance applications, click here.

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