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Our Privacy Policy


Your use of this website constitutes your acceptance of our practices as described in this Privacy Policy.

What kind of information do we collect?   We collect personal information, i.e..; name, address, phone, marital status, email address, and coverage request information, and the like, as well as non-personal information like the number of visitors logging in to our web site, the pages they view and the information they download.

How are we going to use this information?

The information that consumers submit to our web site for free insurance quotes and by way of completing free insurance information and quote forms, free insurance quote request forms, and free insurance application request forms are used to provide the insurance quotes and information that is requested from various participating insurance agents and brokers and provides information which participating agents and brokers can use to contact you for your insurance information requests and other insurance needs.  It also provides information which participating agents and brokers may use to send your insurance marketing and promotional materials as well as send you surveys.

The information that insurance agents and brokers submit to our web site enables us to assess their qualifications for our various programs and enables us to respond to their inquiries regarding their participation and our affiliate programs.

The information that potential business partners submit to our web site permits us to evaluate their potential as a potential business partner.

How do you use my non-personal information?    We collect information on how our site is used including statistical information , i.e.; the number of visitors, most visited pages, peak traffic time, browser type, pages visited, and web log information, as well as other technical traffic and use information.  Analyzing this information helps us to improve our web site and add content and customization that will be more responsive to the needs of our users.

 Will we share this personal information?  We will share this information with participating insurance agents, brokers, and other appropriate professionals to enable them to complete the information requests.  We will also share the information with companies that provide our company with data processing, email, research, or prospecting services.  In addition we will share this personal information with other trusted and carefully selected marketing partners in compliance with this Privacy Policy and applicable laws.

Will your participating agents, brokers, and other participating professionals share this information?   We don’t have control over the privacy policies of our participating agents, brokers, and other professionals but all of our participating professionals use the information that is submitted for the common purpose of offering you more accurate and complete insurance quotes and information.

After I have requested information from you who will contact me?   An agent, broker, or other professional representative from the insurance industry will contact you to provide you the information and/or quotes you will need to comparison shop your desired insurance needs.   

Can I expect my information to be used for promotions or marketing purposes.   From time to time we have news items, news letters, contests, promotions, and marketing campaigns and we may use your provided information to make additional information available to you to further assist your comparison shopping efforts and to educate you regarding your available insurance options.  If you choose to submit further information to us you may receive additional information from us even if you have previously asked not to receive additional information about us or from us. 

Do you store my personal information?  We do store your personal information that you submit to us via our insurance quote and/or information request forms.  The information is stored by our secure computer systems.

Can websites with links from your site use my information?   Websites with links from our site may collect information about you when you visit them.  When you click on one of these websites you will have transferred to a website that is outside of our control.  We encourage you to read their privacy policies carefully since they may differ from our own.   

Does your website use framing technology?    “F/We use many modern technologies including framing.  Framing essentially means that when some web pages are visited you may see a “framed” page, i.e.; one that has our branding and displays along side the branding and displays of other third party companies.  We have partnered with other companies so that we can provide you additional products and services from our various partners.  You will need to read the privacy policy of any of the framed pages carefully since that website’s policies may differ from our own.

Will you protect my information while it’s passing over the internet?  We use various encryption techniques to protect your information on our secure servers as well as while it is stored and when it is passing through the internet.  Your greatest security requires that you are using Netscape Navigator 4.06 or greater or Internet Explorer 4.01 or greater. 

Does your company use technology commonly referred to as “cookies”?  . Cookies are simply small files that are saved on your computer while you are browsing our website that make it easier for you to complete the request forms on our website and in general that make your our experience while on our website more satisfying.  If you don’t want to accept these “cookies” you can simply change your browser’s settings which will keep them off your computer.

The information that we collect with cookies can not identify you personally. However, in some circumstances, the information from these cookies and other information that you may have provided a third party, may be combined.  We encourage you to read the privacy policy of each other website carefully as their policy may be different from our own.

Does your company use web beacons?   There are some page that we use and some emails that we distribute may contain electronic single pixel GIFs, known commonly as web beacons, to collect non-personal information like your cookie number, pages you visited, date and time of visits, and other similar information including a description of the pages when the beacon was placed.  Sometimes our partners use these to compile statistics to help us improve the overall effectiveness of advertising.

Does your company keep track of my activity on the website?  We keep a log of your activity on our website which includes both your movements and your information and search requests.  We use this data to gather demographic information to help us better manage our website.

Does your company collect personal information on minor children?   Our company does not knowingly collect nor solicit information from minor children nor does it knowingly market its services direct to minor children.

Updates and Privacy Policy Changes We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy from time to time without notice.  Our privacy policy will be kept up to date and posted on our website at all times.


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